Buying bees

Bee buying guide:

When buying bees from any seller including BE WORTH IT its wise to check for the following details when purchasing:

> Check how gentle or tempered the bees are
> See how calm the bees move on the frame
> Check how many bees are covering the frames
> How many brood frames vs. pollen vs. honey frames are included
> How much honey is stored are within the frames?
> Check for pests and diseases (beeaware)
> Try spot the queen or find evidence of an active laying queen
> Check for eggs, larva, young brood, capped brood
> Ensure the queen has a solid laying pattern
> Frames have white or yellow wax, not colored dark brown/black
> Does the hive brand match the sellers details (
> Register as a beekeeper within 7 days of purchasing bees.
> Know where to team up with bee buddies WAAS  / WABA
> Ensure you buy the correct frame standard size (WSP / Full Depth)
Those are the kind of questions you want to be certain when purchasing your first set of bees.

At BE WORTH IT we tick all those boxes!




Production colonies:

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